• Got Trust Accounts?

    We help property managers, investors and others sleep better at night There are 5 key advantages of outsourcing your trust accounting: It enables you to invest your resources into more profitable activities and grow your business.  It frees you up to do what you do best It allows your trus...Read More

    Got Trust Accounts?
  • Outsource your Accounting Now

    Outsourcing can be a strategic tool for making your business more productive and profitable – if you know when to take advantage of it. Consider the following criteria when deciding whether to outsource: The activity isn’t central to generating profits or competitive success The job is a r...Read More

    Outsource your Accounting Now
  • Moving into an HOA or Condo?

    Important Questions to ask PRIOR to making a purchase offer and moving into a home within a Community Association: How much are the assessments? When are they due–monthly, semi-annually, annually? What is the late fee policy? What expenses do the assessments include? What isn’t covered – W...Read More

    Moving into an HOA or Condo?

Rent, Manage, Invest – Industry Insights and Optimized Solutions



Our focus is only on Real Estate Accounting, specifically Property Management and Condominium & Homeowners Associations. We don’t have the typical daily distractions which a typical management company might have, such as roof leaks and dog poop. We have the ability to laser focus on a problem quickly, determine the best solution and communicate it easily.



We can customize our daily or monthly accounting services and financial statements to meet your needs and budget. We can also provide financial statements on cash, accrual or modified-accrual basis. In addition to the standard monthly financial statements, we provide customized reports and analysis. 



We consider the accounting and consulting a vital part of the health of your property management business and HOA. Good, accurate and timely information allows you to make good financial decisions. We don’t manage the accounting as a side job to managing your property or association. It’s too important to be ignored. 



With our 25+ years of experience in the property management and community association industry, we have seen it all. We are unique in that we have experience in all parts of the industry; audits, taxes, consulting, budgeting, accounting, and association and property management. We have worked with firms, investors and associations of all sizes. 

I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Gail. We have been business colleagues for 8 years. She is an expert in the area of homeowner association accounting and tax laws. She has generously contributed her time to HOA-USA.com and countless homeowner associations with articles and answers to board member questions–Jim Laumann, Founder

Gail built her management company into a strong, professionally run operation that was a joy to work with. Gail was great to work with on a personal basis and her staff reflected her professional attitude. She was also a strong supporter of the CAI chapter here in NC when I was president. Her support could always be counted upon. If you are looking to have a person that is professionally motivated and personally involved in helping you solve problems, then Gail will be that person.– Rick Hunter, Regional Vice President–Optimal Outsource

Our company is a franchisee of a national firm operating four locations. Our franchise agreement requires monthly financials which Gail has provided on a timely basis for almost 12 years. In addition, the financials are audited periodically and Gail's work has always met or exceeded expectations. Also, Gail manages our payables in the same professional manner. In many ways, she has served as our CFO and taken a personal interest in our success.–Joe Bost, Founder & President- Independence Rentals, Inc.

The thing that strikes me about Gail is her enthusiasm for work and her clients. This quality is hard to find these days. Gail exhibits confidence and a very broad knowledge of her profession. –Joe Guerrero, President-TOS! –Total Office Services, Former Accounting/Tax Client, HOA Board President (Huntersville, NC)

In all of my business dealings with Gail, I have found her to be professional and prompt. We have used Gail’s services in our property management business for audits and reviews of Homeowner’s Associations. Also, Gail provided accounting services from beginning to end for Construction Projects. –Doug Talley, Founder/Former President of William Douglas Management Co. (Charlotte, NC)

I met Gail while working projects with Jorel Association Management. She managed and ran a very well organized company which maintained a good name in the market regarding management companies. Gail was pleasant to work with and was very knowledgeable in the business. I feel she will be an asset in any business venture she undertakes. –Joseph Smith, ServiceMaster Quality Restoration (Charlotte, NC)

Gail Pizetoski managed the accounting for our HOA for nearly ten years. Her expertise in HOA accounting is unparalleled, and her ability to forecast our HOA’s needs, plan our budgets, and advise our HOA on ways to improve collections, forecast needed reserves, and manage our cash was extremely valuable.–Gary Knight, HOA Board President (Cornelius, NC)

I have had the pleasure of working with Gail for over a year. She joined Park Avenue Properties as CFO shortly after I joined as a Property Manager. Gail is the consummate professional. Her work ethic, problem solving skills, organization and communication skills improved my ability to function more successfully as a Property Manager. Her knowledge, leadership and enjoyable personality will be sorely missed! –Nancy O. Currie, CRP - Property Manager at Park Avenue Properties (Triad area, NC)

I have known Gail for many years and you will not find a more professional, knowledgeable business individual. Gail is capable of effectively managing a business as well as dealing with individuals to address their unique needs. I highly recommend Gail as someone who understands the financials and can put an effective business plan in place.–Denis Bilodeau | Condo Board President, President-Aquesta Insurance (Cornelius, NC)